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Fossil hunting...Dyers Bay!

Fossil hunting, now this is a cool hobby, especially when you have some incredible examples right on the beach out in front of our Guest Inn! Doing some research you quickly learn just how incredible the natural history of this area really is.

According to Parks Canada, approximately 400 million years ago, this area of Georgian Bay was covered by a shallow tropical sea swarming with life in the form of plant-like animals, crustaceans, living corals and mollusks. Can you imagine that this area has been compared to the present-day Great Barrier Reef of Australia!

An incredible find in 2015 on the Northern Bruce Peninsula was a scorpion fossil claimed to be the oldest found in North America 430-433 million years old!

Below is a picture of a fossil I found right out front of our On the Rocks Guest Inn…I have no idea what it is but it is very cool and something really fun to do when you come for a visit!

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