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Meet 'Pete' the Bear

Updated: May 20, 2021

Well we finally have our sign up in front of our Guest Inn, and this isn't just any sign! We wanted something unique and different and something hopefully, the community would enjoy. Well after stopping in one Saturday at 'Edwards Outpost' in Clavering Ontario, which is just outside of Wiarton, we had an least an idea that Bobbi Switzer came up with! Bobbi is a master chainsaw carver whose work is just brilliant! Her passion shines through her work, which you can see and follow on her Facebook page:

We explained to her what we were doing and she immediately started coming up with was a 7 foot tall black bear standing out front holding our Guest Inn sign....well that was it, and that is it! It is almost too nice to be outside, which we debated about for some time!

His name is 'Pete', which is in honour of the 'legendary' Pete the bear of Burks Falls Ontario. From 1948 until 1979 Pete was a landmark for anyone traveling north into cottage country. Pete was an orphaned black bear cub raised by Charlie Purdie, when Charlie found him he was only a one-month old cub. Charlie adopted Pete, and for 31 years he resided at Purdie’s Gas Station in Burks Falls. As a 450-pound black bear, Pete became a huge attraction and for me it was always a stop we had to make and to see 'Pete'. In 1979, Pete passed away, after living double the average life span for a black bear and is now the town of Burks Falls mascot.

Bobbi carved Pete from a single white cedar log that is an impressive creation, something you will see for yourself when you come for a visit.

So this is our tribute to Pete and the wonderful memories he gave me and every other kid who marveled at this magnificent bear. We hope 'our' Pete will provide some fun memories as well.

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