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A Year in Reflection

Well summer has come and gone, but not without some wonderful memories and likely a few surprises along the way! As Ella Fitzgerald sang to us...'Summertime, and the livin' is easy...' that sums up summertime on Dyers Bay!

Certainly the weather threw just about everything at us, which was a constant surprise, and despite what was posted regarding the water temperature, I am not sure it hit the posted 20 degrees mark! Despite all that, just being up on the Bay is a gift and a sense of being part of something pretty special!

We had our own special surprises from the amazing northern lights show at the end of May, an amazing meteor shower in August, but who could forget the brilliant Canada Day fireworks in Dyers Bay!

For us at On The Rocks Guest Inn, we are so incredibly fortunate to have had just amazing guests come and stay with us. Some veterans, coming back for more of what the area has to offer, while others it was their first time visiting the Bruce Peninsula. We have had guests from Holland, France, Wales, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand quite a few from the United States and of course our special local guests, all have been brilliant and have become ambassadors of Dyers Bay and the Northern Bruce Peninsula!

Well we forged on with the lovely fall weather and enjoyed the transition of fall colours and the gifts of the autumn harvest. Now the winter season is upon us, which is the season that defines us Canadians, a season where the air is cold, sounds more defined, stars are bright and the fire is warm!

Come and explore the area in winter, you will not be disappointed! We remain open all winter and look forward to seeing you soon!

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